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of works done previously to TurGen's library repository

Make your research and works open

The Turkish Genocide Studies Center is collecting, preserving, and providing access to materials documenting the mass atrocity crimes against Turkic population of broader Eurasia. It is also promoting the study and interpretation of the history and culture of people of Turkic  descent. 

We invite scholars and volunteers to submit and donate of their previously published studies, research papers, artworks, written records, diaries, audible, visual, and electronic records to be displayed in the Library repository of the Center. The Center will provide copies of items in their collections for scholarly research use, researchers may publish portions of an item under copyright. Permission to publish or quote extensively from the material must still be obtained from the copyright holder. 

Having your work freely available to read and use in the Center's Library which is one of the regions's leading cultural institutions devoted to the research, preservation, and exhibition of materials focused on Turkic Nations, Turkic Communities and diasporas around the world. The library will allow your research and works reach a wider audience and see a higher level of citations that features diverse programming and collections spanning over millions of items that illuminate the richness of global Turkic history, systematic destruction of theTurkic nations and identity, arts, and culture in the broader Euroasian region.


we accept material types listed below:

  • Letters/email

  • Memoirs/reminiscences

  • Diaries/blogs

  • Scrapbooks/photo albums

  • Professional papers

  • Genealogical information

  • Speeches/lectures

  • Articles/essays

  • Subject files

  • Legal documents

  • Minutes/reports

  • Brochures and fliers

  • Awards/certificates

  • Photographs (with subjects and locations identified)

  • Films/videos/audio tapes (including identifying information)

  • Websites

Interested applicants kindly requested to contact the Center secretariat 

The Center is currently working on several other projects, concerning teaching, science and society in general:

These are ongoing or planned projects, the scolars invited to apply to take part in the research group for each project. 

-The importance of cultural diplomacy in turbulent times

-Innovative teaching on historical events

-Documenting Genocides, mass atrocities, crimes against Turkic people throughout history 

-Women's impact on peace



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